Mobyink’s Roadmap To A Foolproof App Launch For Your Brand

Today, there are about 4 billion smartphones in the world, and on average a  person uses a smartphone for about 4 hours per day. It is important to have a foolproof plan to tap into the smartphone market to increase your reach to your target market. Having an app launched into the market is one way to do that but there are more than two million apps on the App Store and Google Play so just having an is not enough. Launching your app in the right way is also essential. You need to make sure that it reaches your target market and appeals to their needs and wants.

We at Mobyink have a team of marketers who are experts to help you launch your app in the right way. We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India. We have a roadmap that will help you reach your goal. Our roadmap includes App Store Optimization (ASO), App Launch Strategy, User Acquisition, Growth Hacking, and many more.

We approach our plan in five simple steps:

Step 1: Research And Back Your Findings

If you are going to launch an app for your brand the very first step is to research your target audience and get to know their needs and wants. Researching your target market includes going through the demographics, interests, and behaviors. These Research Techniques Are Important For App Store Optimization.

Once you have segmented your target market by understanding their preferences, needs, and demands then you need to back those findings up with the help of data. This data can be survey data, customer interviews, focus groups, online surveys, or any other type of research. Data is also important because quantifiable data will give a clear picture of the demand for your app to investors or partners that your app is useful and there is a demand for it.

Step 2: Set Goals According To Business Objectives

It is also important to set some predefined goals for your app which you want to achieve in the coming time. While setting up a goal you need to keep in mind that 

What business objectives do you want to achieve with this app?

Who is your target audience?

What features do they need or want?

How will they use your app?

Your goals should be specific, quantifiable, feasible, relevant, and time-based. Once you have your goals sorted, you can start thinking about how to make them happen.

Step 3: Finding Problems Needed To Be Solved

After conducting your customer research, you will get to know some patterns in the feedback you received. These patterns will help you in finding all the problems which your target customer might be facing and then we can figure out which one is specifically more problematic after finding the problem it's time to figure out how you can solve them in such a way that it satisfies your customer needs and wants.

It is also important to define the USP (unique selling proposition) of your app. To find your USP you can ask questions like “How is your app different from other apps which target the same market segment?” “How will this app provide value to its users?” by finding the answers to these questions you will be able to find a clear solution for the problems you have identified.

After you find out how your app can help the users then you will be able to create a message which will resonate with the needs of the user. This message will be essential for launching the app successfully.

Step 4: Focus On Features And Initiatives

With a study about the target market and user experience at its place, it's time to focus on the features and initiatives which will help you make your success. You need to focus on only those features which will add value to your users rather than cramming it up with so many different features which will ultimately confuse the users and they might not like the app. Start with those, and then slowly add in more over time.

You also need to consider a good initiative that will support the launch of your app. For example, launching an e-commerce app requires a robust marketing plan which will help in driving traffic to your app and if you are launching a new social media app you first need to build up a user base before monetizing it. 

Simultaneously find out what are the things which make you stand out from your competitors and then focus on those key areas. 

Step 5: Review And Align The Roadmap With Teams

The final step in creating a foolproof app launch roadmap is to review and align the roadmap with teams. In this step, you need to make a cross-functional team such as product, engineering, marketing, and sales. By bringing together all the teams you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working for a successful app launch.


It is important to remember that launching an app needs a roadmap that will help us plan and decide what steps to take. With a perfect plan and consideration, you can easily ensure a successful app launch. A good app launch plan is essential for maintaining the brand image of the company.

kapil Thakkar

Kapil Thakkar

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