How To Use Clickbait To Your Advantage

Clickbait is made to attract the attention of the internet user and encourage them to click on headlines and images. Most of the time clickbait is misleading and does not deliver the expectation and promises of the user. Clickbait is designed with sensational content like controversial topics or inaccurate images.

You must have come across the term “clickbait” before, and today we will see how to use them to our advantage. Clickbait is a fairly debatable topic as it is not the traditional method to reach our target audience. Here are a few ways in which we can use clickbait to our advantage.

“Any content with sensationalist headlines used to encourage clicks or drive ad revenue.”

– David Ambrogio

Clickbait is commonly characterized by:

  • Content that lures the user and entices them to share it on social media. Such content goes viral relatively easily.
  • Headlines that incite emotions such as anger or laughter.
  • Images or videos which are very unique or entertaining.
  • Contents that are fairly simple to read and understand.
  • Headlines that make the user curious and make them want to know more.


Why you should use clickbait

Clickbait may mislead or manipulate the audience but there is no doubt that it can generate more clicks and views which will ultimately lead to an increase in traffic to the website. Clickbait is not always bad. A company that offers foolproof service of a good product that will ultimately satisfy the customer's need and demand can use this method to gain customers and increase their revenue. It doesn’t matter how they get their customer. We are the best PPC service provider in India and we will help you get traffic with clickbait.

Clickbait can be good for reasons such as:

  1. It helps in attracting the attention of new customers and encourages the visitors to click on some particular web page ultimately driving more views.
  2. Clickbait which is good and enticing can be easily shared on social media which will fairly increase the chances of clicking the link. Given that the content provided can entice intense emotion. Though it is not easy to tickle the emotions so easily.
  3. It can be used to create brand awareness among the customers. Clickbait content is shared very easily on social media and the given material can be shared around the web very easily which will ultimately increase brand awareness. No doubt it is the best way to leave an impression on the vast majority of the audience.
  4. Increase the subscriber of the mailing list.
  5. Clickbait can also make people click on ads and help generate more revenue by enticing people to click on ads.
  6. Sometimes clickbait can also be used to promote social agenda or any particular cause. The goal may be to generate attention. The only goal is to make people click on a link.


Using Clickbait to Our Advantage

There are several ways to use clickbait to our advantage. Develop a sense of urgency for the user so that the user gets lured into clicking the content or the link. To develop urgency we can use phrases like “hurry up”, “offer for a limited time”, “stock running out soon”, and “few seats left”. All these phrases will eventually encourage people to go on the link.

We can also create a sense of exclusivity by giving the information to the user that the content of the services they are provided with is only for selected people. For the sense of exclusivity, we can use a title like “You won’t believe what happened to the guy who sang some particular songs”. This type of content will make the customer feel enticed and special and will be encouraged to click on the link.

You can also tease the user by providing some unique piece of limited information so that the further information remains mysterious until and unless the user clicks on them. You can use headlines like “You Won’t Believe What Did The Kid Do To Help The Dog”. This type of content incites the interest of the user to click on the link.

Above all make sure that the clickbait you use is effective and successful in making people curious to know more about the information. Headlines must be high quality and catchy and interesting and also it is important to make the clickbait relevant to the target audience.

While using images or Graphics Which Can Enhance App Marketing, always use high-quality images and graphics.


Risks Of Using Clickbait

There are multiple pros to using clickbait at the same time there are also some cons of doing the same. The risk of clickbait includes

  1. The clickbait used can be misleading to the audience and the audience might feel disappointed after clicking on them. 
  2. A misleading clickbait can be used as the hub for infectious malware which can ultimately damage the user system. 
  3. Clickbait can have greater consequences such as influencing people's opinions which can ultimately lead to rejection of the truth or accurate information and lead to conflicting or confusing information.


How To Make Sure That Your Clickbait Doesn't Alienate Your Audience?

Relevant content is very important to the user so that they don’t feel disconnected from the content they are going through. The content after the clickbait must be useful and relevant to the user. It is important to make sure your audience doesn't feel disappointed.

  1. Keep in mind about the relevancy of content to your audience.
  2. Avoid such content which is not relevant to your audience and also doesn't reflect the content of the article.
  3. Make sure the clickbait ultimately provides value to your audience.
  4. Avoid using offensive language in your content or the headline.
  5. The clickbait might be misleading but always make sure that content inside the link is accurate and true.
  6. Do not use misleading or false information.
  7. Don’t use off-topic or irrelevant content or even headlines.
  8. Always make sure you use Actionable Keyword Research Techniques For App Store Optimization.
  9. It is also important to make the clickbait engaging and entertaining.
  10. Do not use over-the-top headlines which are not relevant to the content of the article.

The use of clickbait has its pros and cons, so it is very important to use it wisely. The use of clickbait can give you an advantage but if it is not used carefully, can damage the credibility and trustworthiness of content creators or publishers.


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